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Cannabaceae Wellness Institute is an educational partnership between Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute and the Center for Incubation & Findings Research, chartered to empower medical professionals, producers, regulators and suppliers in delivering a higher standard of care and safety – managed by Compassion Center.

While many programs are accredited for continuing education – in some form or another or they would not be on this platform – not all programs are accredited by the qualifying medical board and/or regulatory licensing board in which you are attempting to satisy.  For CME, CNE and/or CE purposes, one should check with their individual boards in their jurisdiction as to what programs are accredited, and if they would accept CWI credits towards annual continuing education.

However, all programs are informative and educational, and can potentially aid in the qualification for employment within many jurisdictions, considering Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute and Compassion Center have been around for decades.

In addition, the following entities and organizations rely on CWI to educate and empower their workforces on behalf of the patient; Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute (CFRI), Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR), Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation (SRCF), Medical Cannalyst Consulting Group LLC (MCCG), Holistic Health Now (HHN), Holistic Nurse Now (HNN), Compassion Center (CC); and others recognize CWI as a leader in Cannabaceae education, uniquely qualifying and positioning CWI graduates as; specialized new-hire prospects, specialty providers and/or specialty trained employees capable of making a difference.